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Cook Children's
Schwarz Health Sciences Library

Library Facilities


Who can use the Health Sciences Library?
Library privileges are extended to all CCHCS employees, healthcare providers with admitting or clinical privileges, and students while on a rotation. Patients and their families are invited to visit the Family Health Library.

Where can you find the Health Sciences Library?
The Health Sciences Library is located in the basement of the Medical Center between the South Tower and the Main Building. Employees have 24/7 badge access. Librarians are available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Mon-Thu; 8:00 a.m. to 4:30p.m., Fri.

What's available in the Health Sciences Library?
Besides books and journals, we have 16 desktop and 4 laptop computers, a black & white printer/photocopier, scanner, fax machine and two reservable group workspaces.

Who is the Health Sciences Library named for?
Edwin G. Schwarz, MD (1894 -1962) was Fort Worth's first pediatrician, and he dedicated his life to the well being of Tarrant County's children. Dr. Schwarz was involved in practically every aspect of children's health care in Fort Worth. He organized the first daily Children's Clinic of the Fort Worth Relief Association, now the Children's Clinic at John Peter Smith Hospital. He served as Chief of Staff at the Free Baby Hospital and at Cook Children's Hospital, later to be merged with Fort Worth Children's to become Cook-Fort Worth Children's Medical Center, and later still, Cook Children's Medical Center.

Vision, Mission, and Values


Library & Health Litteracy Services will be recognized as an essential partner in improving the well-being of every child.


Library & Health Litteracy Services advances Cook Children's Health Care System Promise by providing access to evidence-based information resources to support all aspects of patient care including clinical, research, educational, and administrative. We do this by offering superior service, expert staff, collaborative partnerships and spaces, and the creative use of technology. Our customers are all CCHCS employees, healthcare providers with admitting or clinical privileges, students while on a rotation, and our patients and their families.


We enjoy a shared purpose and passion to positively impact Cook Children’s Promise by contributing our experience, knowledge, and expertise. Our values reflect how we carry forward our strategic and operational decisions.

Do the right thing  - We will work to build and maintain mutual trust and respect with clear and transparent communication. We will do this by clarifying expectations, keeping our commitments, and sharing responsibility to help each other succeed.

Our collective genius - We will recognize and appreciate our individual styles and strengths. We will work collaboratively, respectfully, and as equal partners to further our mission and goals.

Enjoy our work - We will welcome creativity and celebrate each other’s accomplishments and skills. This will foster a positive environment with a foundation of acceptance for each team member.

Pursue growth and learning - We will take initiative to find opportunities for professional growth and development. We will support each other’s continual learning and participation within both professional and Cook Children’s organizations.

Library Staff

Suzanne Beckett, MLS
Ashley Brock, MLS, AHIP
Family Library / Literacy Program Manager
Marquel Anteola, MLS
Susie Schulwitz, RN, MS, CNS
Health Information and Literacy Coordinator
Picture of Tracy Soto Tracy Soto, MSLS, AHIP

Library Policies

Library policies are maintained on the Library shared drive and are available upon request.


Email the Library
801 Seventh Ave.
Fort Worth, Texas 76104

Monday - Thursday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Friday: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Cook Children's Medical Center
Between Main Bldg. & South Tower
Basement level

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