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Cook Children's
Schwarz Health Sciences Library

Library Meeting Rooms

There are three Library Meeting rooms.

1. Library Conference Room

  • Seating arrangement: Conference room with long table and chairs, and side credenza
  • Capacity: Generally 9 people.  COVID Social Distancing = 4 people
  • Amenities: Ceiling projector and screen, connection for laptop projection, conference phone, white board

2. Library Collaboration (Collab) Room

  • This room has a large table 
  • Seating arrangement: Small conference room with table and chairs
  • Capacity: Generally 4 people.  COVID Social Distancing = 2 people
  • Amenities: electrical outlets, monitor for laptop projection

3. Library Shared Office Space

  • Seating arrangement: Desktop workspace with chairs
  • Capacity: Generally 4 people.  COVID Social Distancing = 2 people
  • Amenities: Two desktop computers and two phones, camera with mic for online meetings