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Navigating RefWorks

Across the RefWorks Top Tool Bar you’ll see these items. Here’s how they work.

Add provides three ways to a new reference to your collection

  • Upload or drag in a PDF or document from your computer
  • Import a file that you’ve saved from PubMed or another resource.
  • Create a new reference from scratch; manually enter each part of your reference yourself, selecting the appropriate document type to inform your RefWorks template (journal article, web page, conference proceeding, etc.).

Assign to Folder lets you group your citations into folders. You can create any nu.mber of folders and subfolders, and citations may be placed in more than one folder.

Share provides a way to share folders and references with colleagues, and to export citations for use in other applications.

Create Bibliography lets you create a bibliography of selected references in the citation format of your choice.

Delete lets you delete selected citations from your collection. They will be moved to a Deleted folder (trash can).

Add Tags lets you create tags (topic, subject heading, etc.) or attach them to your references.

Tools offers useful functions like finding duplicate references, doing bulk edits of your metadata, adding a “Save to RefWorks” feature to your browser tool bar, and adding a writing aid to your word processing software.

Search lets you search your RefWorks reference collection for specific references; the Advanced option lets you search within specific fields (author, title, etc.)


Down the RefWorks Side Tool Bar are these items.  Here's what they do.

All References: See a list all the references in your RefWorks collection.
Search Databases: Search PubMed using simple PubMed search strings and easily import references.
Last Imported: See the most recent references you’ve added.
Sharing: Share folders with colleagues or see folders that have been shared with you by others.
My Folders: See a list of all the folders you’ve created.
Tags: See the list of Tags available to assign to your references.
Deleted: Find your deleted references here – safe if you need one.