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Cook Children's
Schwarz Health Sciences Library

Using or broadcasting audio, movies or other video content

Cook Children's has a license with the Motion Picture Licensing Corporation (MPLC) which allows some, but not all, movies and TV shows that we have legally obtained (purchased or rented) to be broadcast in a clinic, on a closed circuit TV system, or in an auditorium if certain conditions are met. We also have licenses that allow for the use of music/audio. Please contact the library to learn more.

What about YouTube videos?

People often upload material to YouTube and label it as free to use. Remember that the only one who can give you the rights to use a clip is the one who owns the copyright. For example, if someone uploads a clip from a television program, they can label it any way they like, but they don't own it in the first place. THEY are violating copyright and, if you use it, YOU are violating copyright.

A helpful resource for finding video or audio you can use is the Harvard Law School Library's guide linked below. You can also ask one of us!